Soldier Dominating a Sniper


This is my first pose since June, and I just Re-Re-purchased Garry’s Glourious Mod again, and I thought I’d might aswell post it here because I want to share it with you all!:buddy:
So please enjoy!

C&C as always!

(P.S; I know the blood looks doubled and a bit weird, but I’m still learning here!)

Expect more(!) from Noteloc

holy shit, awesome. arty

Thanks, Anyone else?


Was epic. Have an arty :D.


Well, maybe a little more finger posing on the Sniper.

Yeah, i didn’t really bother with Fingerposing the Sniper, I don’t know why though…

The angle is what really makes this interesting.

Nice faceposing on the soldier, angle really helps too.

The blood is strange.

Very strange. And not in a good way.

Posing is good.

When I read “Soldier Dominating a Sniper” I thought. It can’t be. And it wasn’t:)

Bauch Head

Omfg good thing it wasnt.

Nice picture.
I am going to give you an artistic because the picture really shows the other side of TF2. It shows violence,gore and brutality.

[sp]Practising my english lol[/sp]

posing and angle are good, blood looks horrible

Nice. I like the angle.