Soldier Fighting a Fleshpound (Sequence of Events)

Was playing around with camera angles and sunbeams

I lotzld.
Some good and some bad camera angles.
Last pic is best.

I agree, last pic is the bomb.

okay it sucked until I laughed

I didn’t really see that coming

He gon get raped.

The posing is really stiff, and the bloom is extreme.
But since your looking for angle’s help, the #2 and the #8 are bad.

There’s always a bigger ugly…

Yea you saved me… Wait. Aaargh… Basically.

Pic 1, 3 and 7 is best. The rest need better angles.

look at chestys tutorial for muzzleflashes

Camera angles are mostly meh.

Posing and angles are ok, but not great. I’m curious to the origin of that necromorph model, thought.