Soldier giving orders at base + bonus

RED** version

and bonus!

Whoah! Nice! :smile:

You’ve earned yourself a pallet, my friend.

Holy crap that’s a lot of medels.

Good God, that is awesome.

I like the red version more.

He deserve every single one of them.

I’m more impresed with the quality of the colour change to be honest, you done an excellent job. I don’t think the picture is particularly epic though.

The soldier is too fat to be an assassin :v:

Switching skins is impressing?

cuz if ya did not know… I NEVER EDIT MY GMOD PICTURES!

Red looks much cooler!

Awesome pictures

In the red version… is… is that?

The pauldrons remind me of space marines

I like the red more, looks more elegant and higher ranked.

All he’s missing is the dictator hat and unnatural-looking eyes, lol.

damn you and your awesome models…

I need that for the pose I want to do so bad…

oh my god this is way cool

That’s awesome Kari.


Red is better!
Where you got that models?
Please say!


soldier assassin is so good!
I need this models))))

Shoulder pads, medals, and cape converted to separate props by me.

Skins by Kari, mostly.