Soldier Helping An Ally Up

It looked way better when I imagined it but I couldn’t get the scene to look right or a good angle so I just got this, it’s pretty generic but I decided to post it anyway, I’ll have something more epic up in a while.

Pose looks …bad on both soldiers. The gun doesn’t seem to be held properly.

Yes I know that…
It’s the second time I had to pose it, the first time Gmod crashed on me and I got…this.

pose is awkward
but I know those ragdolls are very hard to pose.
lovely edit. have an Artistic

Remove the rifles and put this pose on a city street and you’ve got a perfect pose depicting the state of male adults aged 18-28 in the middle of Manchester on a Saturday night.

I don’t like the pose, but i like the editing reminds me of stalker.

It looks really strange and you would have a hard time helping him up when your grabbing him by the head.

A fellow Manc - awesome!