Soldier holding a pistol

Non-brown version

Nothing much , just wanted to try editing something.

It looks good.

Looks pretty nice although you should brace yourself because Brown Pictures have not been receiving very many nice comments as of late.

I heard , next time i will do more rainbows.

The pistol doesn’t really fit in with all the futuristic armour :v:, Unless it’s meant to be symbolic or something.
Colorfull though on the non brown version, shoulda put that one up first, however The eyes vertical glow goes on for too long.

It’s nice though.

Just because you got futuristic armor , doesn’t mean you have to have a futuristic gun along with it.

Didn’t think he’d be an avid old timey gun collecter. :v:

And just who might this fellow be?

Soldier #487 How could you not remember him.

Your avatar is better :stuck_out_tongue:


Rusted 1911 yeah… no


fuck taokaka. She is a character based only on gimmicks.
pounce pounce pounce.
one of the most easily punished characters.
OP needs to play melty blood and get addicted to maids or some shit.

model link?? 0

amazing -

Cool phong. (I think.)

do you have the download link (model)?? :smiley:

Someone is a little butthurt.

What game is that soldier from? Also, i like 2nd one more :3 cs_office?

Blacklight , you can find them on

No matter what some few others say that picture is nice. You possibly could have filled out that space in background with something if you like but I won’t really judge about that, because people have their own style. Open background is sometimes good thing too if you want to make it look like something… open. :v:

That model is so frigging awesome. Someone tell me where I can get it and what it’s called. Good pictures, btw.