Soldier hoping to sneak past guard.

Wow. This pose is actually decent. I don’t like the colour of the bloom and the positioning of the left hand isn’t prefect but, other than that, I can’t really fault it.

“I’m going to sneak by him with out even looking at him!”

Yeah, that’ll go over well. Posing seems odd, the terrorist posing is odd as well, just looks weird… can’t place my finger on it. Also, silencer just doesn’t look good, maybe if you used GIMP you could of darkened it too make it look better?

Rated dumb, oh you troll.

I like it. One of your best.

Another person rates you dumb, I take the blame. Yeah, way too fucking quick to judge. I said I rate idots dumb, were you an idiot? No, but when you edditied that in you were so now I did rate you dumb.

I’ll take back the comment when you start to realize that using editing software will benefit your work.

And stop being an ignorant little runt trolling these boards.

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Oh hey guys, how’s the weather here?

Hm, cloudy with a chance of heavy drama. I’ll be going now.




I can see: “Counter-terrorist win”

Or do they? :smug:

full stock of the hk mp5 sd 9mm smg is clipping the ct abit anyway nice…

i didn’t understand one word of that sentance


Pretty decent pose. Although he could put his head up to see whats ahead of him. Other then that, decent

This looks great! If it were abit bigger, I’d have a go at editing it!

I like it. Could use a bit of editing as always, but it’s pretty good.

I like the pose but the Terrorist looks as if he’s getting a blow job and is making eye contact with the person giving it, then again i’m reading into it too much. Oh and nice pose again lol.


reminds me of mission 11: “yellow knife” from the very first rainbow six game, oh how i hated that level

Thats actually pretty nice

Looking good.