Soldier impaled by one of the NEMESIS'S tentacle.

Tiz Icky, but noice?

not bad, but not enoughs going on

I don’t think the problem is ‘not enough going on,’ I think it’s just a really boring angle and really flat colors. The picture is boring.

rate fury disagree, fear

brah just do it, cause we all know that you’re so fucking predictable anyway

Wow, does everybody on here bitch about ratings? If someboody gets one it must come from me!
+1 dumb for judging to quickly like Chesty and SatansSin.

Picture is pretty empty. Really needs more stuff or a better camera angle.

you mad?

And it looks like the soldier had a period. Stop using that crappy blood decal if you can help it… and you should probably stop putting puddles of blood right under characters too.

Nemesis didn’t have tentacles… or did he?



Naw, he just had a minigun and a rocket launcher.

Yeah. Tyrant had the tentacles.

need blood splat and blood under feet is bad

Have you ever played the games? Nemesis did NOT have a minigun, and Tyrant did NOT have tentacles, Nemesis did.

The movies did

Those ones sucked. Especially the third, didn’t even have a funny commentary to save it.

The only good one was the first.

First was the best second I’d give about a 60% and the third was the worst, I’d give that a 32%

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
“He” has a R.L. and Tentacles for long range attacks, plus I have the Resident Evil: Umbrella Files book (made before 4 was made) and that also says it.


Well if I could fucking find one!

have a

not enough going on.

More soldiers? Have a polite for explaining.

I like the idea, but it needs to be worked on a bit more.