Soldier in a heroic pose in a broken building

C&C please :smiley: No editing at all on this one. Used a realism mod for the rays.

Pose looks good from the angle. Weapon choice is not really fitting though, maybe use a M16 or some sort.

Wood is badass.

Also good pic.

A wood M16? Thats totaly badass

He could be a DM/Sniper.

Pretty good for no editing.

Not bad. Not amazing though.

Thanks guys :3 And yes a wooden M16 would be pretty badass :open_mouth: WE NEED A RE-SKIN!

That would be badass beyond words.

Google is your friend.

It’s probably an Ar15 or something but who cares? It’s close enough.


Lol’d! Also good pose. I like the the way he looks down at me. :hurr:

nice pose

Poor graphics mar the quality of this damn fine pose.

Isn’t that a gewehr 43?
Anyway, nice pose!

There is no AA, boring, and the so called mod for sun rays, that’s just garrys mod sun rays…

pose is k