Soldier in Bits and Pieces.

Was originally going to be a quick edit for the Military Madness competition, but ended up being a bit more. So here it is.

Holy awesome.


bloody fan-friggin-tastic.
You Are Officially Epic, good sir.

Awesome gore. But what hit them, the smoke trail is huge but the explosion is small…

wooow, incredible! really awesome work

What Gmod tool did you use to get the dismemberment? Morph or something? Great job by the way. It looks really fantastic.

scene build or what map? Nice

I like the realisim of how you didn’t blow his entire body apart.

Good job.

Thanks. I used the Inflator tool, result are not perfect but its ok. U can see the results in the original. There is probably some easier method I dont know about though.


One of the maps from EP 1. C17. Semi scene build though.

I just love how you managed to hide those stretched deflated things.

Love that smoke trail. Heck, I love everything about this picture.

This is the best gore I’ve seen in… well, really I can’t remember any better gore in this section. It’s a necrophilliacs dream come true… No, not me.

This IS a good example in how to do a good job with everything ^^
Well done :smiley:

Thank you, buddy, and everyone else who has commented.


Entering douchebag mode here, but that smoke trail and explosion look like they don’t fit at all. You did a great job on it and everything (even making it dissipate as it gets further away), but it doesn’t seem to fit the small ass explosion you have going on there.

Still, it looks kickass, though. Great job.

That’s brutal.

[sp]Brutally good![/sp]


Necessary bump. Also the title I pichted was “Shock and Awe”, but Omni didn’t know what “awe” meant so he went the descriptive route. Great pic bro.