Soldier killing some nazi's back in the days with dual machine guns

Thanks to bloocabault for the guns. And no that is not the soldier’s blood.

Made me think of this

I like the faceposing on the soldier! nice pic.

“that he designed and made himself.”

made me lol

That made me think of the medic
Poor him.

I like the small details here and there, like the empty magazines on the ground.

That’s fucking awesome.

Maybe soldier unlock: Dual smg?

Nice blood, posing and editing. My only little complaint is that the shells are ejecting from the right of one weapon and on the left of the other.

“His rampage ended immediately upon hearing about the end of the war in 1949.”
Hu oh

Fucking sexy ass posing,I mean look at the feet! Nice job

I love it, its going straight into my wallpaper folder.

Valve sure has a sense of humor.

That’s in the description of meet the soldier!

I was expecting a remake of robot chickens Chindler’s List 2: Chindlers pissed