Soldier Kills Terrorist Guard and Hacks into Security Computer

C&C Please one of my first Proper Poses

It looks funny because of the angle and the pose.

Heh I guess it kinda Does, I intended it to be Tacti-cool, but yeah now I can see it looks funny

That terrorist is staring into my soul!

most right-heavy composition in the history of art

Master of poor composition reporting. Challenge accepted.

The map is cs_cabaret

the only good stripclub map in counter strike source

Yeah its the DJ box part thingy, but wow You can recognize a map Just by Seeing like one small part of it ?

I tried to make some comic in that map for about six months before I decided the script was too shitty for use with the general audience.

I’m sorry but that’s hilarious right there.

Definitely more action in the left/less in the right. Also would help if you drew focus on the soldier with DoF instead of the way you have it now where I can’t really tell where focus is.