Soldier looking at some kind of growth on wall.

Not my problem that Garry’s Mod lighting effects are fucking retarded. You put an object AGAINST the wall and it’s either going to look like it’s IN the wall or FLOATING.

I actually think the shadows make it look better. Like it’s about to chase the guy.

I smell tentacle rape soon.


Make a pose of the tentacle raping the soldier


sexpose thread there m8

Here is a tip for those shadows : use a lamp, for your light effect, and try to move it until it gets some cool looking shadows. :v:
Otherwise, cool. :smiley:

Looks nice, a little to dark.

It appears Cthulu tried to teleport into a building, but he got part of his face stuck in the wall.

Thanks for that tip.

Are you using a CSS model for the soldier?

Yes, but it’s a custom skin.