Soldier Pins Down a Terrorist with his Shield before Stabbing him.

Totally not inspired by MW2.

Original. Someone please take a stab(har har) at editing it.

Fantastic posing. Depth of field is a little odd.

Good job. The soldier should be bending his knees more though.

And the background is way too blurry or something, it doesn’t look right.



Also, just noticed the guy in the background is sitting back when he should be leaning forward.

Nah man, all the cool kids snipe like that. A more legit excuse is maybe he is one the way to crouching.

wtf does this mean?

I bet this will happen in MW2’s campaign. Someone will end up doing it, red or blue.

he is crouching down

not standing, not crouching, but crouching down, as if in the process

Pretty cool looking.

The blur in the back is weird though, what’s with those inward facing line thingies?


Ice cold, baby. Nice editing too, except for the blurred noise.


Also, great posing on the guys in the foreground, but the guy in the back looks a bit weird

Very very good.

Oh, look at that knife, I see what u did thar.

What kind of pistol is the terrorist holding?
It looks like he is missing his barrel.

Check the OP, where did the blur go :iiam:

The slide is back. His clip is empty.

It a Makarov with the slide back.

still using the airborne ruskies, I see nice picture.
I think the operators are pretty similar to the ones in MW2.

It’s not bad. Good posing and editing.

Wystan had an ak102 to my head and forced me to bumb this…D:

Oh hey look a bump!

Sweet! You earn one insta-request.

Great posing. Is it just me or does the guy in the background (check the original) look like he is falling backwards?