Soldier, saving a girl from flames

It is my old scene-build.

  • This one is without my sucky editing…
  • I have no idea, where did that shadow on the rock came from

I somehow thought the fire would be bigger but nice posing

  • Yeah. It was supposed to be bigger, but it was looking REALLY bad…
  • Thanks :smiley:

Yes strange shadow that. But nice posing all the same

Maybe someone dropped an incendiary nade by accident.

Looks nice

Where did you get that soldier model?

I agree, the fire should be bigger, it’s too small !

Anyway, nice posing !

I feel after the rescue she is going to wake up and fall in love with one of the comrades similar or exactly from Counter-Strike Source.

(I am not sure though, might be a custom made model.)

It’s from MW2 Pack…
Eh…I think it’s this one
…I guess…

Good posing. Is the closest tree growing out of a rock?

God it made me laugh :havlat:

i smell rape but nice posing but it seems kinda plain

I was expecting a firefighter saving a little child from a burning building or a house. Damn!

I was expecting the Soldier from tf2, I was wrong :smith:

so heroic :slight_smile:

Maybe it was a kerosene lantern that fell on his partner whilst… doing the deed. :buddy:
[sp]Nice avatar.[/sp]

Well it was something like this - There was this girl wandering through the woods. Russians caught her. This guy saw it. Phew! Phew! Grenade - BOOM!..Girl on the ground. Guy saves her. the grenade sets the woods / and the soldier on fire…

Does the soldier have three hands? Because I see another hand by his side…

"Screw my burning mate, this chick is hot."