Soldier screams at cry baby heavy over sandwich

Scout stole sandwich, heavy wont stop crying… Soldier is raging and the demoman has fallen asleep.


It’s not perfect, but hey. it’s funny

Yeah I know its abit off myself, including with the demo.

What’s wrong with the spelling???

I have no idea… People these days.


"But…he took my * Saaaaaaandviich* Sob

Fixed. Happy?! You big baby!

nice pic btw


Scout stole sandwich

I can see some mistakes.
You wasted some space thats not good. Try to work on your camera angle.
Soldier doesnt look like if he is shouting at heavy. Put his head up a bit.
The demoman is very strange and doesnt really fit in the picture but okay its your picture.
No Eyeposing?

Well you can do better.
Seen better things from you.

Soldier is screaming…