Soldier severly wounded after a combat - Eyeball gone [GORE]

Wound edit with PS.

Good lord. It’s so gross…yet so good, very nice my friend

It’s really gross…makes my eye hurt. :ohdear: He seems pretty calm about it, though. :v:

Un-faceposable model, so yeah…

Fuck thats nasty. Really good editing.
Would look good if he was a zombie or something like that.

The blank face could be explained as shock. Having my eye (blasted, shredded, shot?) would certainly disconnect me from reality for a while.
Brilliant editing, absolutely perfect.

Don’t make me say it.
Anyway I’m going to comment before I am forced to say it.
Very nice edit but how the hell aint he dead from bleeding out yet? Or at least passed out from the pain.
Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus! … Dammit I didn’t make it out fast enough.

demoman must have gotten at him

Wha Happened to his eye? Did it get scooped out with a Ice-cream scooper?
But Very, VERY VERY Ecellently, Gory Picture!
Arty’d Because it’s sooo Damn Sexy/Gory

Now that’s gore.

palettes for you! :psyboom:
although he seems a bit calm about the whole losing half of his face ordeal.

Sucks to be him.

ouch! I somehow can feel the pain. nice edit

For losing an eye he sure isn’t bleeding all that much.

I mean damn, I’ve had nosebleeds that hemorrhaged more than that.

all ya dandies prancin’ aboot with yor heads full of eyeballs!

damn awesome

Nice posing, absolutely perfect editing. Very well done.
It might gross some out, but hell, THAT is how you do gore :smiley:

unfortunately the editting, however realistic and fitting it is, doesn’t make up for the lack of faceposing

The teeth seem a little out of place but the editing of the eye is incredible. Nice work.
The camera angle isn’t so good though. I would have preferred it if this editing was part of a bigger picture, with more things to look at, or at least if the camera angle was more exciting. I’m not a great fan of pictures that were made just to show one aspect of the editing and built from the ground up for that and nothing else. Again though, nice work.

huge eye socket.

While the wounds look great, the blood looks like utter shit.