"Soldier shooting off screen at something in the air"

C&C is appreciated :v: Oh, and please be kind, i’m new to Facepunch :zoid:


Posing seems alright, although the left hand’s clipping a bit with the forward grip. Dunno about the muzzle flash, I guess it’s ok.

Not bad for a start.

Thank you :v:

I like it good job but in my opinion the muzzle flash is too small for that type of gun.

I couldn’t find any better muzzleflash for it. :confused:

I hate you, this is better than mine D:, but really nice job, like said, the muzzle flash is too small for a m60

Well, I really tried to find a better one, but thank you :slight_smile:

Man, I’m fucking dyslexic, I thought it said Combine instead of soldier.

very nice start. you have a future here

Thank you very much! :dance:

also, Insert IMG tags, some people dont like clicking links

How can I do that? I’m kinda new to this…

Just edit your post and put the link between

Here OP.


Don’t use Filesmelt. Picture’s gone after 2 weeks.

Muzzleflash isn’t too small at all, the size of the flash may vary and it actually isnt even realistic for it to have a muzzleflash in daylight unless you’re firing like… incindiary ammo or tace rounds. But since this is a gmod pic it’s kinda a necessity. In short, it’s not to small.

Nice picture.