"Soldier" shot in the chest by sniper


First attempt at an actual pose. From this angle it kind of looks like he’s climbing into the boat, but he’s falling back from the shot.

Nice angle. The graphics could be a little bit higher though (Or is it just the boat? :iiam:) Okay for a first.

It’s on highest. It’s just the boat I think.

Kudos for you then.

Also, rated heart for being out of construct.

Somthings missing from it… to much empty space.

Yea I was thinking of putting in another white soldier, perhaps about to shoot back at the sniper. I’ll go try that now.

February 2008 and 5 posts… you have been lurking alot, eh?

The screenshot is nice.

First attempt, eh? Most impressive, I must say. Without the addition of editing and the lo-res-ness of the boat, it ends up looking pretty bland. But, overall, it’s worlds better than most firsts. Heart for you.

that has to hurt

Haha I went to university and didn’t have a computer there. Just got a laptop now.

Can’t even really tell whats going on here.

Nice, it made me lol