Soldier shot while kneeling.

It was going to be a movie reference picture but because of the crappy physics I couldnt get him in the right place so it evolved into this.

C&C Appreciated

Whats there to enjoy, and whats with the random cut on his belly?

it’s very very basic, and a bit boring tbh. no reason for him to be kneeling there, random cut, no story.

there is no reason for the cut it was just an editing test.

Then why did you release it if it was just a test?
And the physics dont suck, you just cant pose.


Ask that to the loads of people who release edit/model tests.

Of course, he’s looking for comments and criticism.

Very good!

The blood looks a little odd and I don’t like the random cut on his chest. Beside of that, i can’t really see any edits, maybe the sweat coming from his armpit.
The map doesn’t fit the pose and the posing itself looks stiff. Nothing else to say, just practice a little more.

Thanks for the advice.

He’s levitating, not kneeling.

how so?