soldier sitting in a truck


changed the location since people didnt like bigcity.

and a bonus

Please, PLEASE dont pose on Bigcity unless you scenebuild. It might be a city but it looks very blocky and ruins pictures.

Kinda nice but i agree with the above post. “Rule number 56: Never pose on big city unless you have a good reason for it.”

damn i didnt know. well, ill do it on a better map nex time.

ok, changed the map. hope you like it now guys.

Something really weird about the mask. Green color is out of place.

i dunno, i dont see anything wrong about it. can you go into more detail?

It looks to bright. Especially on the second picture. Gas filter has this white line around it.

Last pic. Liked the perspective on the rocket launcher though.

it’s the lighting. this was the best I could get in this level without showing anything combine.

His head looks too big for his body.

Well the new map helped rated art :smile:

Head looks big.

Damn, ninja’d. :ninja:

Love that truck model.

true for characters in all call of duty games to date. infinity ward modelers are so retarded, they couldn’t model a stick figure without screwing it up.

Nice bump, there.

Great off-topic bump. Wonderful contribution to our society. Well done.