Soldier skewered for the Barbi, mate

Awesome editing and posing. The rain is excellent.

Posing is awesome.

it is the only true way…


also:nice edit

Is there a tutorial on how to do that rain? If so, link me.

I made one, search all threads by the-dutch-guy.

Yeah, unfortunately the outcome sucked bawls. I was talking about the one he used, or he did it by hand.

Rain is quite good and the cartoony splashes work well.

Amazing, tough seeing a begging soldier is a rare thing.

Love the sniper pose.

Awesome rain, nice pose on the sniper…
Also I would love to see a tutorial for this rain too!

Fucking awesome

Wait a moment, how did you get the bow string to bend?

Love the pose, but they’re sorta glowing.

hey you’re right…how’d he did that?

Nice. I am thinking Lord Of The Rings here. First movie in the end where Boromir dies.

Poor soldier.

He always lived on in my heart<3

Thanks for the comments.

  1. Yes, good guess about Boromir, that was indeed the seed for the idea
  2. The rain effect I actually took from several different tutorials and bastardised
  3. The bow string was achieved pretty simply but took some time. Clone brush, used carefully. Siphoned the colour of the strings and then drew a line of the same width. Then added some textures so it didn’t look so “samey”
    Again thanks for the kind comments.


I jizzed.
In my pants.

Lol, i got rated arty.