Soldier smoking a cigarette outside while his comrade gets his neck snapped

Well I’ve finally got a new computer and I can run Gmod like I’m supposed to now. I can’t find my photoshop disk, so no smoke for now.

Also guess the map and you get a cookie :smiley:

Click for alternate angle.

It looks pretty good, but the neck-snapped guy looks like he’s going limp a little too early. :v:

What models are those? They look useful.

the CT is from here -

The other model is on just type in Superfrog and I think it’ll pop up.

Simple but good. Alternate angle is much better. But the problem is that you can see how incredibly shitty the bacalava skin is, since it’s just the normal skin darkened except for the eyes. It’s like the effort went to minus, didn’t even fix the bumpmap that shows his whole face and hair when lit like in the first angle there.

That’s not how you snap a neck.


Well okay it is in Hollywood.