Soldier sneaking about

Quick pose & edit (no dodging/burning, all in-game)

Please, this pose was made to get some C&C on my gun posing, do share.

If you’re focusing on the gun posing, why is he holding the rifle’s magazine instead of the handguard?

Some people shoot like that.

Right hand needs to be a little higher up if you’re going for the mag-well grip.

Posing is pretty wonky - the feet are clipping into the ground and look at odd angles and the shoulders aren’t nearly twisted enough.

that little girl can’t hold a gun right.

You can’t dis a babe wearing shoes as stylish as that.

Thanks for the C&C, uh, will note.

a little too dark
and posing looks off somehow

Tuck in the butt.

Is the flare look like a shotgun shell