Soldier sneaks up and kills terrorist

Not your average “aiming off screen” MW2 pose you were expecting eh? Anyway, this edit was pretty fun to do. And this is my first ‘real’ try at doing a flowing blood type of wound. Please, let me know how I did; I like to try to get better at my editing :smiley:

(The Task Force 141 ragdolls are short in comparison to the OpFor guys. The TF141 guy is actually floating in mid air :/)[/media]


C&C would be great

The blood doesn’t look very realistic for a neck slash.

Ok, any tips on how I can improve it?

The wound looks fine to me, but the blood should be gushing out, the posing is good too.

Urgh, that looks painful.

I’d say there should be a huge splash but then we couldn’t see anything.
Those models are great, too. Are they public? I don’t think i have seen them before.

eeew, grose

As said the wound is fitting but what it needs is some blood dripping from it, or maybe alot since its the neck.

Really nice posing mate.

Thanks guys! I was actually inspired for this edit by Inglourious Basterds in the scene where they break Hugo Stiglitz out of the German jail cell. The first german guard that one of the Basterds kill, they slit his throat; and when he does, the blood doesn’t splatter, it flowed out onto his neck.

Tl;dr guy’s neck gets slit in movie blood didn’t splatter, it flowed. (plus common sense)
Anyway, as for the amount of blood, he cut the jugular vein as well :smiley:

Again, thanks for the comments people! More are definitely welcome!