Soldier standing around and Citizen shot in the stomach

They’re alright

I like them both. Posing and editing are both good. Fucking awesome blood.

The bugged texture in the background ruins the picture of the soldier.

I recommend downloading this fix from garrysmod to free you of this issue.

Bullet direction (entry wound to exit wound) doesn’t make much sense in the second picture and the way the clothing has morphed is odd. Blood is ace though, as is the lighting in the first picture.

What I don’t like is that the citizen has two black holes in his stomach.

Otherwise, awesome.

I would also like an original for the citizen one, for editing purposes.


Uh oh, the citizen seems to have been hit with bullets that divide by zero…

I couldn’t help but think of jizzed in my pants when I looked at his face


But they are pretty cool

“curve the bullet”