Soldier standing in a dark place (1680x1050)

Lovely DoF

Sick shit dude. Love the contrast and darkness of the image.

I really like this.

love the blackness of the picture
really dark, and contrast is perfect
good job
although sooo generic

At first I thought it was a crappy pose. I looked again and I saw the detail and DOF. Nice.

I am going to have to disagree, my experience was vice versa. I was like O SHIT! when I first looked at it. The face was so detailed and the contrast was good. But the second I scrolled down and saw the arm and gun, I went from excited to sad. The red dot/holographic isn’t transparent, and the model is low quality along the arm, which really just shrunk my hopes D:

The shading is so awesome.

I like this


Good shading as usual.