Soldier standing next to a gas station.

Yup. Pretty generic i guess, but it makes a nice background.

Bright version :

Darker version (It’s not SHEF, but sadly it looks very much like it , i didn’t realize :frowning: )

Tell me if you like these ambience based backgrounds. I am (i guess) pretty good at making these :3
C&C pweeze.

The bright version is much better in my opinion. Sorely needs some super depth-of-field though.

Not too keen on the dark version but the bright is a nice pose to look at. A tad simple, but nothing wrong with that

FUCK YOU CHESTY! Always beating me to my post! :clint:

gun is clipping, 2nd one is too dark and too much contrast
posing is nice though

Those models are so cool.

Like Chesty said, it could use a little DoF, but it looks pretty good!