Soldier Tellin' the Scout to get a move on.

Also bonus

Nitpick away.

Good lighting and editing on the first one. Just turn up that AA.

But it at max :saddowns:

What’s the AA set to?

This has happened to your previous pictures which is really unfortunate because they look fantastically made. If the AA is at maximum then it must be the jpeg quality or something making it worse, make sure it’s Jpeg_quality 100

It’s at jpg_quality 140, and the AA is at 16x, AND using that little TGA thing to preserve even MORE quality.

I’ve no idea what the fuck is going on.

140? I’ve always used 100. Are you sure thats the right thing to do?

Yeah I was wondering that myself, pretty sure it doesn’t go above 100

Some people just put it at 140 just to make absolutely sure That it’s at max.

But I don’t think the jpg quality should matter that much since them I saving them as TGA which saves it EXACTLY how it is on your screen.

Just go get the exact same picture but make it Jpeg_quality 100

We’ll see if that is it

Well since I didn’t save it and I already closed gmod before ie ven posted the thread, ended up taking this instead with highlights at the edges to really see


Sweet lightning bro! :smiley:

Yeah, it’s the AA’s fault. Somehow 16 is fucked and 8 is the best.

What happened to the Soldier’s pointing arm in the first picture? :psyduck:


It looks like he dislodged it from his shoulder. :ohdear:

16X AA does not work with certain cards. In your case, 4X AA might produce a better result


and I mean inside the source options and not on your video card control panel