Soldier valiantly holding up his sword


(The lack of fingerposing is cuz the PVKII models have no fingerposing)

He’s bent back awkwardly and doesn’t seem sober enough to care who he’s killing (Drunken knights are still awesome, though). But the angle and lighting are pretty good.

Very sexy lighting.

Thank you, the lighting on the PVKII models is brillo, look out for an incoming volley of poses from me.

no pictur

Refresh page

ther pictur


is good

Its good indeed :smiley:

Also… are you Deathbucket : |

Not very valiant looking

Where did you get that model bro?

Read the OP

No, why would you ask that? he stole my name on steam as i had it to a different one.

Would look better if the sword was held above him, rather than behind. Lighting is nice.

Whats up deathbucket?
also, the camera angle is wierd

I’m not Deathbucket

He’s not DeathB, Deathbucket sort of stole his indentity and used it for trolling.