Soldier VS Scout

Ok last one from me tonight all.

This is a serie of 13th pictures i made,took about 4 hours in total.

Posing seems stiff at some pictures and please you should use TF2 Blood.

Posing is poor, I can see arms and legs out of place including the head. Reminds me of two retards fighting.

Why all these dumb ratings? In some of the pictures the posing is cool. In the majority, meh. I can see some interesting camera angles in some of your pictures. Better concentrate on one picture at the time and you will really see the difference. Have an artistic for the time you spent.

You need to make sure the depth-of-field is actually focusing on one of the characters.

The posing was good up until the halfway point.

The nearly nonexistent faceposing makes them look like robots.

It almost looked like you duped the first three frames, but I guess it’s alright…needs faceposing

Very blurry.

Bonk! :v: