Soldier watching some off-screen stuff

  • Well…What do you think…

Soldier looks reaaaaaally out of place.

Thank you reaaaaaally much…

That happens because ambient light is not effecting the soldier.

  • Well…This version is too dark…
  • I just can’t edit :smiley:

Then don’t edit and post the original please.

Original -

Ok the flaws on your editing were:

  1. You went crazy with the contrast.
  2. You choose a low-res background.
  3. You used the contrast and brightness to make the soldier darker, you are supposed to use the dodge&burning tool.
  4. The soldier is tad dark, that means the environment surrounding him is dark, you should have made the background darker.
  5. The isolation has some flaws.

The pose is not bad, its simple but it works, the only problem is that the original pic is really small, if I were you I would have zoomed the camera.

Fallout New Vegas trailer anyone?


It would need more flag and flashy city background.