Soldier Zoey

Accidentally made the blur sharp, crap…
Ah well, posing and editing this was fun

C&C is always loved!

blur looks bad and you should have added a glow to the cigarette, i cant tell if you did

Emmm…Zoey’s posing is good but a zombie looks kinda…edgy…
And the lightning must be brighter, according to the size and brightness of a muzzleflash

Sexy. :buddy:

Duely noted, I forgot to add a glow to the cig

Pretty cool but, add some glow to the end of the cigarette since it’s the dark but not too bright, you have to add some light to the muzzleflash. Also, improve the blur. But, pretty cool :v:

Shit, posted late…

Never too late to post!


Why thank you kind sir!

Not necessary unless she’s taking a draw, especially with the muzzleflash flooding the scene.

Though the stick is a little far into her mouth.

The neck seems a bit short as well as the body being out of proportion, pose is a bit stiff. Camera angle is dull too.

Also, the Rule of thirds is always some useful shit to remember when planning out a camera angle.

Zoey Zoey everywhere.

obviously it’s Joey seeing as she boils with testosterone

This was obviously before (s)he got his(her) implants and hormone replacement therapy under way.


See, the external conflict of being a soldier is just a physical manifestation of his(her) internal conflict between male and female, and by killing the zombie (s)he is suppressing her(his) urge to become a fully realized woman, which is only prolonging the inevitable. :techno: <-- substitute “techno” for “psycho”

she was always a dude, dude.

She seems happy about her new work. Also she killed Bill and stole his cigarette.

Nice picture. Only a little glow on the cig would not go amiss.

Nice. Want see the original image.

wered you get that ragdoll?

Too much blur me thinks

Inflator. Nocollide. Two different ragdolls.

It blends.

That’s one hell of an inflator work then. Blends in perfectly with the helmet.

Looks nice, but the body suggest she’s a he… or maybe she is?

Come on Santz. In the military there is no gender. They are all soldiers. Didn’t you see Starship Troopers? You know the movie with all the good acting:byodood:

I’m fairly sure that’s an actual ragdoll, I remember seeing it somewhere.