Soldiers Blown Away

Just practicing my explosion/fiery edits.

Also notice the guy on the left is doing on what the sign says next to him lol i didn’t notice that till i was editing.

definitely bonus points for the sign

Does no-one pay attention to signs? Those things can save your life.

I lol’d.

I love the explosion, by the way.

Very nice fiery explosion and I laughed so hard at the sign. It made me think of this.

Oh a ba ah oh ooh ah ah ah ah ooohy that made me piss myself.

What exactly did you use? GIMP? Or Photoshop??

Nice. Those soldiers were so amazed, they were blown away.


Rather well done. I like the posing on all the guys, really looks like they got hit by a shockwave.

It’s good, but with an explosion of that magnitude and force, there would be a lot more dust and debris.

Also, I don’t think a lot of them would all be in one piece.

Yeah thought about adding body parts in but was more focus on improving my idea for explosions.

Thank ya for the tips.

Woah, epic explosion! :smiley:
Wish I could edit explosions like that.
Shit, wish I could edit like that.
Wish I could edit.

Unless it’s fire based or some sort of napalm. I would have liked to have seen one of the soldiers on fire or something…

It’s okay although as Uberslug said, not very realistic. The motion-blur lines are odd.

Fire burns

Wasn’t meant to look realistic was meant to look cool or better looking then the basic stuff i do.

But you fancy editors want everything TAD PERFECT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO LOOK PERFECT LIKE REAL LIFE. Not as that a bad thing just sayin’

“blown away” heh…


If all you were trying to do was make a lot of fire look good, then you succeeded, it looks quite nice.