Soldiers cautiously patrolling a street littered with debris,

Rick Vice made and posted the pic a month ago, but I edited it now because I found it so awesome and had never seen it before. C&C to both of us, please.

Two versions.

Original, which some of you probably remember.

Damn, I want to get my own GMod back…

The orginal feels better. The car lights on the day version are just way too bright to be honest

the map ruins it


but the second one is awesome

How about the night version?

awesome scenebuild and edit as always!

btw where can I get those Street market props?

I like the editing

I don’t know where Rick got them. I’ll tell him to get into the thread.

If your talking about the stuff on the building, the prop is actually the whole building. GTA port

Here you go mate.

This looks like a scene from Resident evil 3 without the zombies

Nice editing with the glass and fire and such but the overall composition of the lighting is quite bad.

The really bright fog stuff is odd and makes the street section of the picture look a lot brighter than it is.
The contrast makes the trains too bright and the building on the left stand out too much, drawing attention away from the clutter in the street.

As for Rick, the prop placement is superb and the posing is good but the camera angle really ruins the picture.
Way too much space is wasted by the building on the left, the rail-line and the wall surrounding the rail-line.
The lack of any central subject or prop or character of significant importance makes the picture lack focus.
I understand that this picture is about the scene though so perhaps a central figure is not so important. In this case however, the ‘rule of thirds’ is very important.


I didn’t measure out the lines exactly, but the idea is clear. You should probably read the wiki article linked above but, as a general explanation, the rule of thirds basically states that if you split your picture up into nine equal parts with lines, the most important aspects of your image should lie on these lines (the rule doesn’t always apply, especially for shots that have a central focal point like a character but it is very useful for scenebuild shots with wide camera angles like the picture in this thread). As you can see for your image… nothing of interest lies on the lines.

Hope all that helps a little.

Sweet editing. Both are nice, but I like the night version best.

thanks guys

Ah, looks nice, good job.

I love the editing a lot.
And I feel so ashamed for never seeing this pic before.

Tell Rick that he actually managed to make the buildings in gm_bigcity to look adaptable and detailed on some parts, which no one has ever done on their scene builds on this map before.

The night version looks pretty damn good to me.

Omg first one is sex, i’d cut the image top part a bit to make only half the train visible though

I love this scene build, great picture man.