Soldiers escape from infection zone

No other way to say “Fuck you!” like a Desert Eagle to the face.

Awesome picture, dude.

Its too blurry.

So much blur… and dust… and flat lighting.

It’s just really hard to make out anything of interest.

Also, the blood is less motion-blurred than everything else which makes it stand out a lot.

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And no shadows?

Your pictures are usually bearable, but this one is just awful. The focus is all fucked up, you can’t concentrate on anything so I can’t really give you any critique either other than tone down the blur man, damn.

You should keep the radial blur on the right side, but delete it on the left and slowly drift it into a motion blur to give the illusion of the car moving, otherwise the entire radial blur makes it focused on them iddle of the picture

Uhm you could crop the hole upper and down area of the picture and just leave the center, it would cover the fact that there are no shadows, also try to make it a bit less blurry.

Apart from that the picture looks pretty nice to me.