Soldiers face off (Day of Defeat)


Good posing.

Damn, I thought the title meant he was getting his face ripped off.


Nice screenshot too.

It’s okay. Depth-of-field is good and the posing is okay.

Perhaps the picture would have had more impact if there was a fair amount of emphasis on both characters, with a side-on camera angle showing both of the characters equally with the background blurred. Some more expressive faceposing would have helped convey more emotion too.

Something like this:

That probably would have been better, but I thought I should focus more on the Airborne guy since the German has no faceposing.

I thought that might be the reason.

Models please?

The German is just a regular Day of Defeat guy, and the Airborne guy is in a pack on Garry’s if you search for “airborne”.