Soldiers fighting in a desert against mutants

After a long time without making poses, I decided to get back to business. I hope you like this one. By the way, if you have any interest, go ahead and edit any of the pictures below. Thanks, C&C very appreciated:


That map is way too bland, and the posing could be better, but that’s a nice blood decal.

Oshit, these models? Are they public or private? D:

Bad map, editing would be in need but the posing is pretty good.

Yeah, Indeed that map is pretty bland, I’ll make in a more detailed map next time.

Of course not, the models are all public. The Soldiers I got from a CS:S skin for the CT’s. The mutants you can look up on

Could you link me to these CT’s pweeze?

I’ll use the gmod’s editing tools next time. Even though I’ve some good skills on photoshop, It’s not installed at the moment and I’am way too lazy to install, heh.

Pose on pic2 was pretty nice.

Here you go.

The map is fullbright and that pretty-much wastes all the time and effort you put into the scene and the posing…

Yeah, the map indeed ruined it. Maybe next time ;D

should of used a smaller confined area, would of been better.

Are those night vision goggles being used in the desert during the day?

And yeah the map ruins the pic a bit.

Let’s just say they’re disabled for the moment. Hehe.