Soldiers found a dead body n shit


Some rimlighting would make this rad as heck.

I want a Mi-8. :frown:

Sunglasses at night…

Oh no no , they are night glasses , that’s why they are dark.

I wear my sunglasses at night. :v:

Go easy on the blur and colour mod.


Rochelle is a newsreporter, yarrharrharr.

I’m surprised no one saw dead Coach yet

what is a ghillie sniper doing there?

Dark things are hard to see against dark backgrounds. :hurr:

Rochelle seems out of place with all the burly men in armor.


and the robots

I think the robots look more out of place than Rochelle.

Everything seems fine to me.

I think your brain is more out of place than the robots.
The lower letterbox is out of place

Hurr random ghillie suit guy in an urban environment. (?)

Otherwise, dude, that’s pretty cool.

Why all the futuristic shit and then a Cold War-era Mi8?

Looking neato

His vision is augumented.

Everything is well edited and whatnot, except for a couple things out of place, like the Mi8, which just looks odd with everything else.

The posing is good though, really fluid looking, except for the Bushrag guy, he shouldn’t even be in a city. (bushrag is a style of ghillie, so no one nitpick me for saying that)