soldiers getting sucked up of a Helicopter


Don’t you mean sucked out?

Also, They must be in space or something cause I am sure there would be some kind of motion blur.

oh dam some of my stuff go cut off

It’s bad.

Honestly, CPT.matt’s threads should begin getting locked until he decides to start making something remotely decent. It’s becoming clear that he’s not trying.


Can’t handle the truth, yes?

stop making absolute shit

you know, the fact you ignore criticism like a child and act immature is the reason why you wont improve and no one likes you

Matt…I have nothing to say to this. I’m done giving fair criticism to those that’ll shit it back at me.

looks like they all have broken arms
in fact,it looks like posing them in mid-air was an excuse to not put any :effort: at all

Now that’s what I call a BLOW.
Sucked, blow, get it? hehehe… :<

Heh at least Kyno improves his posing. You just throw some rag dolls together and call it a day.

op is troll

Blowout soon Stalker. When? NOW.


My brain is coming out. Aaah.

I lost brain cells looking at this. Just stop posting until you improve.

I think I accidentally rated the picture in the Convoy Ambush thread “Optimistic.” So I’ll rate this one Optimistic too, 'cause, y’know, you keep strong in the face of criticism!

^(that one sucks but it’s still waaaay better than the one above)^