Soldiers in spaceeeeeeeeeee! (interactive)

So? What does he do?

He should get a life because interactive comics are overrated and dumb

He should learn correct punctuation.

Don’t copy Madmanmad’s “What to do?” style.


And you’ll earn respect from me


kay thanks

Picks up a medical tray and bashes the window till it breaks.

Finally a suggestion, I will wait for one more before i make the next part.

Break the door with you solid steel head

There’s some kind of elevator or teleporter in the room, push the button.

Break the glass door with the chair right behind you. If the the glass is reinforced, press that button over there, it might be a teleporter as stated by rakkar.

Ok making now, expect it done tomorrow or some time later today.

Nobody wants your respect.

So what now? I’m happy some people are taking part in this, its my first comic using photo shop.

Possible… Possible…

Grab the gun. Perform double tap on zombie (Shoot him the head)

Then get on the computer to see if you can find out what’s going on

Oh and tell me the name of the map.

Grab the gun, raid the fridge, get drunk, PARTEH!

i want his respect, so eat it. :colbert:

and these interactive comics are just an excuse for lack of quality and originality. just stop, please; you’re going to discontinue it in a day or two anyways.

Grab the fun and check if the corpse for any other useful items. After that, move on to the computer and maybe check the emails, they might reveal some sort of important information, maybe.

Also, look around the room and check for any doorways if there are.

The map’s name sst_bahamut or something like that, also I guess I will cancel this… People don’t really like it.

I like it. I’m one of the few people who actually enjoy interactive comics because they give the viewers control of the action.

I think he should take the gun, search the officers dead body for valuables and look in the computer for any information as to where you can find a way out or possibly a teleporter location or a map.

Ok I will make the next part!