Soldiers in the Echo of War

1080 Version

Finally had some time to make something. First time doing snow.

Comments & Criticism?

Update v2

I’d complain about the lack of color, but god dam I’m having to much fun just looking at the dam thing. It all works so well
Great work.

The snow could have perhaps used a little work though. Some accumulated snow on the corpses would have helped.

dat light setup! holy cow!

Wow, superb! Feels so cold and lifeless!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it.

I worked on the falling snow, think it looks a bit better. Added some accumulated snow like you mentioned, and added a yellow tint in certain area’s to give it more colour and connection to the sun/lighting.

Hit or miss? Haha


Awesome work, keep up it up dude!

Brilliant picture. Great choice of music as well. :smile:

This is gorgeous.

wow, awesome

Damn this screen reminds me german film “Stalingrad”. Also good work.


This looks like from another game. Great job!

Great work! Great choice of soundtrack as well.

Thanks for the feedback everybody, much appreciated! Glad you guys like the Screenshot and/or music. Anything in particular you think I could improve on?

Honestly? This is the closest thing I’ve seen to a perfect image in a long time. You pulled off the snow effect very well, which amazes me, because snow/rain is very easy to screw up/over-do/under-do. Some of the transitions between snow and other objects are a little harsh, but that’s expected. This kicks ass.

Thanks man! The snow effects would usually deter me from making a winter setting/theme picture but I decided to just go for it, gotta learn some how. I would have to agree on that, it is a tad harsh. Definitely something I’ll work on with my other Winter pic I’m thinking of, haha.

Thumbs up. Cold, brutal and unforgiving. Well done.

Nicely made.

It might be me, but the erasing marks are pretty obvious on the body closest to the camera, you can see the obvious transparency

I was trying to simulate the wind blowing snow on/off of his chest. Could have used more work on that, but that was indeed my intention. Thanks for pointing that out :smile: