Soldiers killing what's left of the horde

they fired their nade launchers into a crowd now they’re shooting what’s left

Things I already picked that you will complain about, but I have an explanation.
-the zombie in the suit was mid step when being shot.Now he’s being blown back.
-aliasing on the wall…shit
-the black guy is about to reload

The editing suck hard!
Wait… that’s mine…


Try base your running poses off left 4 deads zombies running, or in real life, because they look pretty… bad.

That Infected that’s being “blown back” looks like he’s pulling some kung-fu move.

Unfortunately I’ve been playing killing floor

use this as a base

not very clear but helps me alot

oh that’s helpful.

Yeah, espcially when some of the infected have diff phys from the citizen and surgeoun infected

lol reminds me of shawn of the dead when the military came in.