Soldiers lead the way.

Find the spy.

On the roof.

the sniper is a spy

sniper needs faceposing, and you got the dof backwards

Nope. Spy is visible in the picture.


I intended the DoF on the gun.

Very weird fog and on some soldiers the posing fails.

I’ve got no excuse other then laziness.

You should have saved the picture and work on the picture again when youre in the right mood.
I do the same mistake from time to time and it really kills the picture sometimes.

Spy is against the wall on the right side of the Capture Point sign.

Some of the posing isn’t so good, Sniper needs faceposing, and the fog looks weird.

The spy is the person who took the picture because their hands and their gun is blurred

Oh my god I loled hard at the engineer, looks like he’s dancing. Posing is alright on everyone from the waist up. The bad leg posing just reminds me of The Combine’s poses. You need to imagine what someone IRL life would look like walking, not just think “Hmm, we bend our knees when we walk”.

Pyro looks like he’s ticking the soldier infront of him, and for some reason he’s tip toeing. I don’t know what the soldier is doing other than just saying rawr. Posing on the Soldier choking the Heavy is alright, you got the faceposing right too, a few clipping issues but not bad. The Soldier crushing the Scout, the Soldier’s legs are too stiff and he’s also tip toeing. The Scout’s arms are oddly bent, his faceposing is also weird, looks like he is in awe and not in pain.

I can only see some of the demoman but the posing looks okay, clipping with the train tracks but thats it. The Soldier about to fall on him, first off all he is too high to have jumped from that height, second his head is at the same level with his feet, his head needs to be lower, and his arms are too stretched out they need to be bended a bit along with some finger posing to look like he’s gonna tear shit up.

The soldier chasing the Medic is the only one acting like a zombie for some reason, his legs are pretty stiff, and this pretty much sums up the faceposing on the Soldier…

The medic’s arm seems to be broken, I don’t know how he could see the soldier, maybe from the little corner of his eye. You should have turned his torso first then you turn the arms, then the head, just make sure they don’t look broken. Sniper’s posing is alright other than the legs, needs faceposing like everyone said, and he’s doing a fist wrong.

Shit…long C&C. I’ll fix it up later today.