Soldiers leave behind their friends

C&C…first shot at using superDoF

It looks pretty good, although the DoF might be focused a little far out.

Why is Solid Snake there?

Snake ruins it, in my opinion.

Yeah snake seems really out of place in a picture like this

Oh God, Uberslug agreed with me :aaa:

I can now die a happy man.

I was JKing ur dumb

Extreeeeeem blooooom

Am I really blind or has Snake been cropped out?

Regardless, you need to fingerpose and turn the bloom down.

What’s with all the WW2 pictures with Big Boss in them now anyways? He would have been like six years old during the war.

Less bloom.

omg snake is gone

The snow is a bit too Blue, try using less colour temperature in the Colour Mod option.
Also yeah, less Bloom.

He’s still there.

Camouflaged :ninja: