Soldiers look onto a street after the EMP (+2 reposts + extra shit)

Eh, didn’t have any air vehicle models or anything really~ so many packs and all this to download.

2 reposts, I made these last year or something, I don’t remember the map name but it’s a recreation of the ‘Carpark’ in cordon from STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl/Clear Sky

~other shit~[/media]
[media][/media] (i’d have to explain a huge story or something for you to understand)

I love the first and second ones. The others are just as nice, don’t get me wrong. But those ones are just my favorite.

The last picture is fucking cool.

I liked the first, Loved the second, the third was… okay. o.o

But the very last was really nice too :D!


Is it just me or is the muzzleflash on the 3rd picture HUGE

First and second are quite nice.