Soldiers looking for a sniper...

  • Find the sniper…


  • I know about the shotgunner’s hand clippin’ with the grass…

  • No editing, In-Game post process only…(Color mod…)

  • C&C

Cool idea and nice scenebuild. Do you not have the Ep2 trees though? The canopies on these ones look really flat, like they don’t have enough contrast.

Nice posing though.

N’ah… Don’t have money to buy HL2:Ep2. I’ve seen some Ep2 stuff on, but I had some material problems… So, I’m using everything I’m able to use.

The guy with the gas mask don’t look right.

What? What do you mean?

Wait…sorry i meant the guy with headphones, he is holding his gun in an awkward position.


You mean, he’s holding a gun like this…


Don’t use flatgrass for scenebuilds. It has ugly lighting.

Thanks for advice

I would like to recommend flatgrass2008, that one has a great skybox/lighting.

is it just me or using a chrome shotgun is the worst idea when you want to camouflage yourself?

They don’t want to camouflage. They wanna find him (The Sniper) in any way they can.

Then they’ll get spotted first and die faster than you can say “ALABAMA HOT POCKET AND SPECIAL FRIED RICE”

I don’t know why but that made me bust out in laughter.