Soldier's Melee Unlock

Is that a table?

I see a zoey and a scout making babies. Anyway nice.

Based on the Soldier comic.


Zoey always has her fun. No matter where they are.

it veri ud

(User was permabanned for this post ("Gimmick" - Uberslug))

I see.


That makes me moist.

:wtc: you avatar… now thats [sp]sexy[/sp].

Also; a very creative and useful weapon you got there, offensive and deffensive at the same time!

“HUTTAH, NECK SNAP!” I lold. Have a funny.

Don’t forget to look at her before you sleep.

haha, excellent!

[sp]for those who don’t get it, in the soldier’s comic, there was a showel and a knife sticked below his table[/sp]

That’s where I got the joke from. :v:

No shit? :v:

Looks good! Hey, a table would be…interesting. Also, do you plan on re-releasing the TF2-style Zoey?

Oh, i see what you did there.
Have a funny.

I’ve never found a pic from you where there isn’t kinky sex going on in the back ground, that concerns me maaaaaan :v:

Also, fucking lol have a funny.

Look closer.