Soldiers patrolling the infection border.

Been some time since I made a pose, not quiet happy with it, but its my first in a while so I’ll post it anyways.

Araehrer- I forgot to finger pose one of the hands. :saddowns:

p.dull looking brownbrownbrown

You forgot to finger pose the most important hand. :frowning:

Thou must spank me for my sins.

Magic levitation boots.

The m16 with the m203 next to the dude coming out of the humwee is so fucking big, it looks as if the guy is 5’3" tall.

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Posing rocks though.

Despite of everything above, I like it

Holy shit lol, I just noticed.

I can’t see any fucking alive zombie bitches. Why?

Cause there arent any, noooooone were mentioned either.

The lack of fingerposing is a bit of a bother, but the picture’s alright.

I kept saying to my self “don’t forget the fingers”


Guy in the middle looks like he is tap dancing.