Soldiers run from a snake

Because it’s not just a giant snake… IT’S A MONSTER!


Nice RE reference, it’s okay.

Those are some damn ugly models. Posing on the guy on the left is odd, just the way he is running and the way he is twisting to fire back… the guy on the right looks like he isn’t really holding his gun, although the pose itself isn’t bad.

Nice idea, bad posing.

If the left soldier was on the ground, on his but while trying to crawl away using his left arm and legs, whilst shooting with his right arm/hand, it’d be a muuuch better and more intense picture.

I think that this version turned out a little better.

Much, much better.
Great posing on the second picture.
I like the Muzzle Flash.

yeah, that new one looks great.

2nd is much better.

Good, but could have done with a bit of DoF in my opinion.

posing on the first looks really bad
specially for the left soldier that looks like a gay that don’t know how to use a gun while running…

second is way better.
9/10 for the second one!