Soldiers search a School Hallway for survivors. [First Person]

First attempt at making the HUD.

C&C please.

Look at the white dot.

Lean closer.

No flaws that I can think of, I really like the HUD though.

The posing is a bit bad, but I loved the HUD

What the heck is wrong with it?

HUD seems a bit clean, and the first person gun and hands seem a bit small but that’s not really your fault.

no don’t listen to these guys

posing looks amazing

atmosphere is amazing

it looks like a scene from a movie or something

I do say… lol wut?

The posing is spot on, shading is perfect and hud makes my panties wet, have a gold sta… er pallet.

Actually, the posing looks alright after turning up my monitor’s brightness

The posing is good, but it’s a turn off because of the positions you gave to the soldiers.

The HUD is okay. Probably the best HUD edit I’ve seen, but then most are absolutely terrible.

Lovely lighting, if a little bit dark.

The posing is off though. The guy on the left has his elbow way too high up and his head position is odd. The dude on the right looks unnatural - he is leaning on the right side of his body and therefore naturally he should be raising his right leg over the object, not stretching his left leg across.

Really not a fan of the bottom left part of the HUD. It’s too massive and seems to grab way too much focus. Something a bit less opaque like the one from UT classic might have been better
The bottom right is fine though.

Also what’s the thing under the white dot? A propped gun? I’m not sure

Thats the coolest thing i have ever seen

Very good looking.

Just an FYI it’s a creepy girl in the bathroom.

what is the guy on the right side doing?

If this were a game, it would be bad ass.

Mmm. Only complaint is that the soldier standing on the body to the right is a bit off and the HUD’s a bit too big.

Carry on, otherwise.

Lol didnt even notice

Ohhhhhh god this in incredible. PM me if you make more please. I really like this idea, keep going with it.

I’m going to assume that those dead bodies are zombies or something.

Not innocent Year 12s going to the next period which these guys decided to mow down.